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Colorado Springs Republican Women

Chartered: January 7, 1985, CSRW was established to bring together women from around the Colorado Springs area who believe in the Republican Party and seek to grow awareness of the core Republican Principles in our community. We aim to have influence in state and national issues by volunteering our time and resources to support Republican leaders in government. By participating in government, we help keep it honorable and just, maintaining this nation as a citadel of freedom under God for ourselves and for those who will follow. Our mission is to see women from all age groups and walks of life as key players at the political table on national, state and local issues.

CFRW History

The Colorado Federation is a charter state of NFRW. Members actively work to educate voters by printing and distributing educational information. The members helped elect the first Republican governor in 24 years and hosted the 1981 NFRW convention. They regularly host candidate forums and Lincoln Day Dinners, work for Republican campaigns, volunteer at state and local headquarters, and organize get out the vote efforts. The various clubs provide needed community service, such as assisting women back to the workplace with donated clothing and accessories, helping with health fairs, providing scholarships and mentoring young people. 

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